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The Singer’s Toolkit

Do you want to expand your vocal range? Would you like to sing with more control or power? Have you ever wanted to learn about Opera or Belting? Are you a singer that wants to learn more about how you are doing what you are already doing?

The singers toolkit is an exploration of all things singing and technique. You will learn how the voice works from a scientific perspective and then learn the tools to create a range of vocal qualities with precision and control. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced singer, this course is full of facts and information that will help you take your voice to the next level.

About your coach
James has been working as a voice trainer to actors, singers and coaches for over 15 years. His wide ranging coaching schedule includes working with the UK’s leading training institutions and conservatoires, with winning artistes as featured on the X-Factor and BGT, leads in West End musicals and some of the UK’s finest young talent.

James is at the forefront of voice coaching in the Estill voice training system having learned from the worlds leading vocal gurus. His educational work with technical training for young people and choirs has inspired many thousands of people across the UK to find their voice and achieve their vocal potential.

As an educator, James has extensive experience in post-compulsory education, he has held prestigious positions at several of the UK’s performance training conservatoire’s as recognised by DramaUK and the CDET. He continues to innovate in practice and advance his own development through a dedicated approach to inspiring the world to sing.­­­